Australia: Milk drops 5.1% in March

by | May 18, 2022 | Australia, Volume trends

Milk output fell 5.1% YOY in March, bringing season to date output 3.2% behind the  comparable as large declines were recorded across all states. The March production fall marks the 10th consecutive month of YOY decline in national milk production.

Milk production in Victoria fell 4.6% YOY for the month, with seasonal output tracking 3.7% behind the prior year. Milk collections in Gippsland were down 7.5% YOY in March, while northern Victoria’s output fell 3.0% YOY and output in western Victoria was down 2.7% YOY. In NSW, output fell 2.8% YOY and it is the only state where milk production is tracking ahead of the season prior comparative, ahead 2.6%. Production in Tasmania dropped 8.5% YOY in March, 6.9% behind prior season.