Australian exports improving

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Global, Volume trends

Australian cheese exports rose 1.9% to 130,769t in the ten months to April, including a 34% increase in shipments to China & HK. Butter and AMF exports rose 133% and 77% respectively. Combined fat exports (in commercial butter equivalent) were up 113.3% for the period relative to the prior year comparable at 20,356t.

SMP exports increased 28.2% in the ten months to April, with a 26,868t increase in shipments into China & HK as well as higher sales into SE Asia (+3,313t). Dry whey exports for the period rose 15% to 27,711t, reflecting growth into SE Asia (+3,770t) and China & HK (+1,453t).

For the season to date, infant formula and FFMP & Mixture exports declined by 54.8% and 29.8% respectively. WMP exports have picked up since November, with season to date shipments 10.3% higher relative to the comparable 10-month period.