Australian milk flat in April

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Australia, Volume trends

Milk output was near flat in April, 0.04% higher YOY with mixed trends across the country. Victorian output was down 0.3% YOY in April, reflecting a 2.0% lift in western Victoria. Production in Gippsland was down 1.7% YOY in April, while northern Victoria output slid 0.7% YOY for the month. For the season to date Victoria is 0.3% ahead of the prior year comparable.

In both NSW and Tasmania, production lifted 2.7% YOY for the month with seasonal output 2.1% ahead of the prior season in NSW and 1.3% ahead in Tasmania. South Australian production lifted 2.0% YOY in April and is tracking 2.5% ahead of the season prior. Queensland recorded its first month of YOY growth this season, in April, up 4.3% for the month but still 2.7% down so far for 2019/20.