Australian milk output slowed in June

by | Sep 1, 2021 | Australia, Volume trends

Milk production fell 1.1% YOY in June with Dairy Australia reporting full 2020/21 season intakes were 0.6% ahead of the prior season at 8.853m litres, the best result in 3 seasons. In Victoria, June milk output fell 2.1% YOY with declines across the state, but particularly in Gippsland where supplies were down 6.5% YOY.

Full season Victorian production was still 0.4% ahead of 2019/20, with a 1.5% contraction in Gippsland while Northern and Western regional outputs were up by 1.2% and 1.7% respectively. NSW production rose 3% YOY in June, bringing full season output 2% ahead of 2020, while Queensland posted production a gain (1.7%) for the 3rd month in succession but ended the year 1.9% down. Production in Tasmania fell 4.7% YOY in June, but was 1.2% ahead for the full season, while SA output rose 3.8% YOY in June to end 2020/21 2.2% ahead of the prior season.