Australian Opening Prices Down For 2024/25:

by | Jun 6, 2024 | Australia, Prices

Monday 3 June 2pm marked the Dairy Code deadline for processors to publish milk supply agreements for 2024/25 with a few processors announcing last week. Farmgate prices for the upcoming season fell in the range $7.80kgMS to $8.50kgMS.

Fonterra Australia will open the 2024/25 season with a price of $8kgMS, down from $9.20kgMS in 2023/24, reflecting shifts in market conditions. Saputo’s opening price is in the range $8.00—$8.15kgMS. Similarly, Bega Group’s opening farmgate milk price is in the range of $7.90-$8.20kgMS. Beston’s opening price was $7.80kgMS—$8.10kgMS.

Burra Foods’ opening range was in line with other processors at $8.00-$8.50kgMS, while Bulla opened in the range of $7.85-$8.65kgMS. Mondelez opened at $8.50kgMS, UDC has quoted $8.10kgMS and ADFC $8.20kgMS.