Bulla increases price

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Australia, Prices

Bulla Dairy Foods have increased their 2020/21 price by $0.10kgMS to $6.80kgMS. Band 2 suppliers will receive $6.60kgMS and $6.40kgMS for Band 3.  Bulla applies a flat payment model to improve farmer cash flow, and has no stop charge, volume or collection charge as part of their “simple and transparent pricing approach”.

The price increase follows a year of strong growth for Bulla and comes ahead of what is anticipated to be the company’s biggest Christmas and summer period yet. Bulla chief executive Allan Hood said the company wanted to end a challenging 2020 with some positive news for their suppliers. “We are forecasting our biggest Christmas and summer period ever… the increase allows our farmers to securely plan for the next couple of months and it further demonstrates our appreciation for their ongoing supply, support and efforts to consistently deliver high quality milk.”