Crop downgrades worst in a decade

by | Dec 1, 2021 | Australia, News

Heavy harvest rain is likely to lead to the most significant crop downgrades since the record-breaking floods of 2010/11. Analyst with Australian Crop Forecasters James Maxwell said forecast big yields are unlikely to suffer but said there was most likely not going to be any high protein grains from central and southern NSW after the rain. The level of damage to crop quality depends on the forecast and so far, the 14-day weather outlook for NSW is for further heavy falls with not a lot of sun and wind to dry things out. Maxwell expects the downgrading to get worse. In South Australia, barley is expected to be downgraded, but wheat quality can still be salvaged if it dries out and warms up.

Meanwhile, heavy rain across the east coast resulted in flood warnings in Queensland, NSW and Victoria. Close to 60mm fell in Byron Bay, Coonamble and Gunnedah while 66mm was recorded in Dubbo and 70mm in Wagga Wagga, the highest total in NSW. In Queensland, more than 100mm was recorded in Bundaberg while East Gippsland’s Combienbar station recorded 55mm overnight, the state’s highest total.