EU-27 exports weaker at the start of the year

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Global, Volume trends

SMP exports rose 1% YOY in January 2021 to 59,551t, an increase that was undoubtedly helped by the shipping impediments that limited US exports. The European Commission’s Milk Market Observatory (MMO) report excluded shipments to the UK which were incomplete. There were mixed trends across major destinations however, with positive growth in Algeria, Yemen and Indonesia which more than offset contraction in shipments to Egypt, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.

Total cheese exports fell 9% YOY in January, reflecting 44% YOY decline in exports to the United States, along with a 22% YOY fall in shipments to South Korea. Butter exports fell 24% YOY in the first month of the year to 12,848t, with lower sales to all major destination countries except China (+71% YOY). Total WMP exports fell 2% to 27,084t in January, mostly reflecting weaker exports to Nigeria, Kuwait and the Dominican Republic and despite stronger sales to China and the UAE.