EU-27 SMP, cheese exports ease

by | Nov 22, 2023 | Global, Volume trends

Trends in EU-27 exports were mixed in September, with increases for fats, dry whey and WMP, and falls for SMP and cheese. In MSE terms, exports rose 2% YOY in September, a 7-month low.

At 63,188t, SMP exports were down 0.4% YOY, despite growing shipments into SE Asia and the Middle East. This was more than offset by declines in China and Northern Africa. Overall EU-27 cheese exports were down 0.9% YOY in September to 116,234t, but with variable trends across major destination regions featuring declines in Japan, South Korea and the UK, but increases in China & HK, SE Asia and MENA.

Fats improved again in September, with butter shipments 14.7% higher YOY at 21,899t while AMF was up 29.8% YOY. WMP exports again increased in September, by 1.7% YOY to 18,841t. However, that was a 7-month low.