EU December milk down 1.5%

by | Feb 23, 2022 | Global, Volume trends

Analysis of Eurostat and AGEA (Italy) data indicates EU-27 raw milk supplies fell 1.5% YOY in December, following a 1.3% YOY contraction in November. Among major producing countries, supply in Germany and France was down 2.9% YOY and 2.7% YOY respectively. Netherlands output fell 4.2% YOY. Following 23 consecutive monthly increases, Irish supplies fell 1% YOY in December as comparables become much harder to beat.

According to the most recent data, trends in major producing countries are now improving on low prior-year comparables. French milk production fell 1.1% YOY in week 5 this year (ending 6 February 2022), the 25th consecutive weekly contraction. German supply fell 1.1% YOY in week 5, the 37th consecutive weekly decline. AHDB reports UK production declined 2.1% YOY in the first 12 days of February after falling 1.9% YOY in January.