EU milk grows again in May

by | Jul 19, 2023 | Global, Volume trends

EU-27 May milk production rose 0.7% YOY, following a 0.9% YOY expansion in April, based on complete Eurostat and AGEA milk production data,. Among major producing countries, German supplies rose 2.4% YOY for the month. Dutch supplies were also up 1.9% for the month while Denmark and Poland production rose by 1.4% YOY and 4% YOY respectively. France milk output was down 3.4% YOY while Ireland was virtually flat. We estimate that since the start of the year, the growth in milk solids far surpassed the EU27 milk volume growth, reflecting good quality of stored feed, high milk prices and favourable margins over feed cost.

According to the most recent data, German supplies were up 2.3% YOY in week 27 (ending 9 July 2023). That was the 44th consecutive weekly YOY increase. UK supplies rose 0.8% in that same week, as trends have improved since mid-June. Meanwhile, French milk production fell 3.9% YOY in week 27, the 34th consecutive decline.