EU milk production rebounds in July

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Global, Volume trends

Based on 100% of average reported milk production, EU-27 output rose 0.5% YOY in July according to Eurostat and AGEA (Italy). The positive July result follows four consecutive monthly declines and was despite lower cow numbers. Hot and dry weather will still likely affect supplies starting from August.

The July expansion reflected positive trends in Poland (+5.8% YOY), Ireland (+1% YOY), the Netherlands (+3.5% YOY) and Belgium (+4.2% YOY) and was despite declines in Germany (-0.6% YOY), France (-0.2% YOY) and Spain (-4.8% YOY).

According to the most recent data, French milk production fell 0.7% YOY in week 33 this year (ending 10 September 2022), the 9th consecutive weekly contraction. German supplies were up 0.7% YOY in the same week, and on average are close to flat since mid-July. AHDB reports UK production declined 2% YOY in the first 10 days of September after falling 1.3% YOY in August.