EU milk supplies tighten

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Global, Volume trends

Estimated milk supply rose 0.7% YOY in December according to Eurostat (based on an average 75% of reported EU-27 milk), the slowest expansion since June. Among key producing countries, December output declined 1.4% YOY in France and 0.4% in the Netherlands. Growth slowed to 4.6% in Ireland, Poland and Denmark expanded 1.2% for the month. Countries which have not reported data include Germany, Austria, Greece and Croatia.

According to the most recent available data, the trend lines on milk collections in the big three European region producers turned the corner. French milk production fell 4.1% YOY in week 3 (ending 31 January 2021). That was the seventeenth consecutive weekly contraction. German supply fell 1.7% YOY in week 4, while daily AHDB milk collections data suggest UK’s production rose 1% YOY in the first 6 days of February after increasing 0.8% YOY in January and 2.3% YOY in December.