Fonterra 2022/23 output lifted marginally

by | Jul 5, 2023 | Global, Volume trends

According to Fonterra’s latest Global Dairy Update, May collections across New Zealand rose 9.7% YOY to 76.2mkg of milksolids, taking 2022/23 seasonal output to 1,481mkg milksolids, 0.2% ahead of the season prior. Fonterra said favourable weather conditions supported strong milk supply at the end of the season. Despite seasonal supply edging up for 2022/23, Fonterra’s output remains below previous seasons.

May intake in the North Island rose 12.7% YOY, with seasonal output ending 0.4% behind the prior season. Soil moisture across the North Island remains in surplus with warmer weather improving pasture cover in preparation for calving in July. Milk collections across the South Island rose 7% YOY in May, with seasonal intake ending 1.1% ahead of the previous season as warmer temperatures and intermittent rain supporting grass growth.