GDT delivers 2% rise

by | Dec 6, 2023 | GDT, Global

Event #345 delivered an overall positive result with a 2% rise in the index. At 29,559t it was the lowest offering since July, despite a new product – mozzarella from Solarec.

WMP prices rose 2.5% on average to US$3,104/t with greater interest from SE Asian buyers. SMP prices averaged US$2,671/t 1.9% higher than the previous event, despite Arla result achieving lower values.

Fats were positive overall, with AMF adding just US$30/t to average US$5,573/t while butter added US$103/t to US$4,936/t. Cheddar continued to provide the drama, rising  9.6% to average US$3,986/t while mozzarella achieved US$4,006/t for the 91t offered.