GDT Prices Up 1.8%

by | May 9, 2024 | GDT, Global

The price index rose 1.8% during GDT event #355 following two negative Pulse auctions, and despite the lowest Chinese participation since June 2011.

WMP led the way with prices rising 2.5% to average US$3,350/t. SMP prices edged higher, averaging US$2,551/t, a 0.4% increase on event #354.

AMF continued its unbeaten run, up 0.9% to average US$7,124/t, while butter contracts also edged 0.7% higher to average US$6,593/t.  Cheddar was the strongest performer with a 7.1% increase in prices to average US$4,257/t while mozzarella prices rose 2.3% on average to US$3,840/t.