GDT Rises Again

by | Jun 6, 2024 | GDT, Global

The GDT price index rose 1.7% on a seasonally low offering of 20,980t.

SMP prices rose 3.5% to average US$2,722/t, with improved Chinese buying offsetting weaker SE Asian involvement. WMP rose 2.1% or US$71/t to average $US3,478/t, with short-term gains weighed by later falls.

AMF posted its 19th consecutive event without a price fall, adding US$53/t or 0.7% to average US$7,417/t. Butter was down 1% on average to US6,864/t, with strong c1 and 2 prices offset by later falls.

Cheddar prices edged 0.2% higher to average US$4,248/t, with C2 and 3 offerings missing, while mozzarella wasn’t offered at all. Lactose lost US3/t to average US$792/t.