German supplies surge…back to 2020 levels

by | Dec 14, 2022 | Global, Volume trends

According to the most recent data, German supplies were up 3.6% YOY in week 48 (ending 4 December 2022) to a 3-year high volume. That was the 13th consecutive weekly YOY increase. Meanwhile, French milk production fell 1.5% YOY in week 48 this year however, the third consecutive decline. AHDB reports UK production rose 2.7% in the first 3 days of December after being up 3% in November.

Meanwhile, Eurostat reports French milk output increased 1.3% YOY in October. Poland raw milk supplies again increased in October – up 2.5% YOY, the 13th consecutive monthly increase. Among other major producers, Ireland reported a 7.5% YOY increase in October deliveries while Italy was down 1.5% YOY.