Hay supply and demand in balance

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Australia, News

Hay production is tipped to drop between 40% and 50% this year with good cropping conditions, but demand is likely to down around the same amount according to a Feed Central. In their November Market Report Feed Central note that there wasn’t an undersupply with a return to normal trading conditions, but buyers would need to secure quality product when it’s available.
“Good quality hay is around, as we are seeing through our quality assurance system, but despite favourable grazing conditions buyers are still in the market,” according to Feed Central general manager Cieran Maxwell. Hay production has been affected by extreme weather and continued rain over the past month with more rain expected. Cereal buyers are ‘keen on green’ new season hay with good fresh aroma, while dairies in Victoria are still dominating demand for protein hay with demand for plentiful Lucerne supplies lower than previous months.