Irish milk up 13.5% in March

by | May 5, 2021 | Global, Volume trends

EU-27 member countries are reporting mixed milk production trends with March Eurostat data only partially available. Irish supplies were better-than-expected, up 13.5% YOY to 848m kg. Polish output was also stronger relative to the same month of 2020, up 1.7% YOY. Among other relatively large milk producing countries, Dutch supply was down 0.7% YOY – that was the fourth consecutive monthly contraction. March output in Belgium and the Czech Republic was down 1.3% YOY and 2.9% YOY respectively.

According to the most recent data, French milk production fell 1.9% YOY in week 15 (ending 18 April 2021). That was the 28th consecutive weekly contraction. German supply rose 0.1% YOY in week 15, with estimated intake also near-flat during the month-to-date. AHDB reports UK production rose 1.2% YOY in the first 24 days of April after increasing 2.7% YOY in March.