Milk production down 5% in 2022/23

by | Aug 23, 2023 | Australia, Volume trends

June milk output rose 1.2% YOY, taking the 2022/23 season 5% behind the prior season at 8.13bn litres according to Dairy Australia.

June production was positive across most states except Queensland and WA down 0.8% and 0.2% YOY respectively. In Victoria, June milk intake edged up 0.4% YOY, with output lifting 3.5% YOY in Gippsland and 1.3% in the west. This was offset somewhat by a 3.7%YOU fall in northern Victorian production for the month. Victoria finished 5.9% behind the season prior, at 5.14bn litres in 2022/23. In NSW, June production rose 3.5% YOY, with the season ending 7.7% behind 2021/22 season at 989m litres, falling below 1bn litres for the first time in this millennium. Tasmania’s production was up 6.5% YOY in June, bucking the negative national trend with 2022/23 milk output 2.2% ahead of the prior season.