More rain in spring

by | Sep 28, 2022 | Australia, Weather

The latest water and climate outlook from the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) for October to December is for wetter than median for the eastern Australia, while Tasmania is likely to be drier than median. Days are likely to be warmer than median for WA and Tasmania but cooler than median for much of NSW and southern Queensland.

A negative Indian Ocean Dipole event is underway and is likely to continue into late spring along with La Niña in the Pacific. August rainfall was above average for much of eastern Australia and areas of WA, with soil moisture above average for the month in NSW, Queensland and parts of southwest WA. The outlook for the October to December is for above median rainfall for the eastern half of the country with high streamflows forecast for most sites during September to November in eastern Australia. Days are likely to be warmer in WA and Tasmania but cooler in NSW and Queensland.

The wet outlook is a combination of La Niña, a negative Indian Ocean Dipole and a positive Southern Annular Mode as well as warmer waters around Australia.