NZ April milk falls

by | May 25, 2022 | Global, Volume trends

April milk production fell for the 9th consecutive month, with output down 5.2% YOY on a milk solids basis and 5.6% YOY on a tonnage basis. Season to date production is tracking 3.9% behind the prior season on a milk solids basis and 4.1% on a tonnage basis. Despite the negative trend, April production is higher on both a milk solids basis and tonnage basis compared to the 2019/20 season and milk solids production for April is tracking 0.3% ahead of the 5-year average, while tonnage production for the month is 0.3% behind the 5-year average.

According to NZX dairy insights manager Stuart Davison, conditions across major dairy regions are far below average with pasture covers struggling in most places with large feed deficits.