NZ April milk jumps 7.3%

by | May 24, 2023 | Global, Volume trends

April milk production jumped 7.3% YOY on a solids basis, marking the fourth consecutive monthly increase – and the largest April output increase on record. On a volume basis, April milk output rose 6.7%. according to DCANZ On a solids basis, season to date production is tracking 0.2% behind the prior year, and 0.8% behind prior year on a volume basis.

NZX expects increases in milk production to flow through to May with significant soil moisture across the country and reports of continued grass growth. Despite sporadic snap freezes and cold weather across New Zealand with lower light, NZX still expects May production to be positive. Milk production is forecast to be down 0.7% for the full season, but NZX expects forecasts to lower significantly following the latest milk production announcement.