NZ exports mixed in June

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Global, Volume trends

New Zealand exports of major dairy products were mixed in June, with positive trends for milk powders, cheese, butter and dry whey, but negative trends in other smaller categories including AMF, IMF, lactose, MPC, milk & cream and FFMP & Mixtures.

WMP exports increased 45% YOY to 159,532t, following a 22% YOY lift in May. June WMP shipments to China & HK continued to grow, rising 144% YOY and reflecting strong buying on the GDT platform despite relatively higher prices since the start of the year. Shipments to SE Asia increased 15% YOY in June, while Middle East sales rose 17% YOY.

SMP exports had a slow start to the year, before increasing YOY in both May and June. China & HK accounted for most of the growth during June, increasing 85% YOY and more than off-setting weaker trends in SE Asia and the Middle East. Cheese exports continued to surge – up 25% YOY in June – reflecting stronger sales into China & HK and SE Asia and despite weaker sales into Japan. These two regions also drove a 27% YOY increase in butter shipments to 18,362t in June.