NZ exports strong in July

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Global, Volume trends

New Zealand exports were strong in July, with positive trends for all major product categories except AMF which has been consistently weak since April. WMP exports increased 9.6% YOY to 117,134t, following a 45% YOY lift in June. July WMP shipments to China & HK continued to grow, rising 2.2% YOY – back to near 2018 levels – reflecting strong buying on the GDT platform despite relatively higher prices since the start of the year.

SMP exports also had a good start to the season, following a weak December 2020-April 2021 period. SMP exports rose 7.8% YOY in July to 22,382t – this was despite a 14.6% YOY decline in shipments to China & HK. Cheese exports continued to surge – up 36.2% YOY in July. Cheese shipments have now increased YOY every month since November 2020, a period in which exports to China & HK surged.  Cheese shipments for June were up 27.8% YOY. Despite a 26.3% fall in AMF shipments in July, exports of butter continued to increase in double digits – up 24.3% YOY for the month – with shipments to China & HK up 25.6%.