Australia: Peak milk at decades low

by | Dec 8, 2021 | Australia, Volume trends

National milk output declined 2.1% YOY in October according to Dairy Australia. This takes season to date output 2.9% behind the prior season and the lowest peak production recorded in at least 20 years.

Southern region milk output dropped 2.7% YOY in October, with Victoria’s output down 2.5% YOY, bringing season to date output 3.6% behind the prior year. Milk production in western Victoria fell 3.3% YOY for the month while Gippsland production fell 3.9% YOY. Output in Northern Victoria rose 0.6% YOY in October.

NSW recorded a 3.5% YOY lift in production in October, taking season to date output 2.9% ahead of the season prior comparable. Tasmanian output dropped 5.3% YOY for the period, taking the season 7.3% behind prior year.