Rainfall outlook continues to improve

by | Sep 1, 2020 | Australia, Weather

The Bureau of Meteorology says the end of August is likely to be wetter than average for the southern half of the mainland while south-west WA, Tasmania and the northern tropics will receive average rainfall. September to November is likely to be wetter than average across eastern Australia, while north-eastern Tasmania will be wetter than average.

Meanwhile, the southern half of Australia is likely to be cooler than average in the last two weeks of August. During spring, days are likely to be warmer in Tasmania and southern Victoria while nights will be cooler than average across much of NSW and parts of eastern SA and northern Victoria.

The BoM has increased the likelihood of a La Niña event occurring to 70% and issues a La Niña ALERT. This follows the US Climate Prediction Centre increased the chances of a La Niña occurring in 2020 to 60%. There are now a number of models predicting a La Niña event developing in the southern hemisphere spring and possibly persisting through summer.