Stronger southern milk prices for 2021/22

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Australia, Prices

The annual milk price announcement festival happened mostly without incident this week! The major players announced opening prices in a range from $6.55 (Fonterra) to Bega at $6.80kgMS in southern Victorian regions and $7kgMS in Northern Victoria (Bega). As seen last year there are variety of interpretations of the Code requirement to disclose “minimum” price from a single number to referencing a table of rates. Southern prices have moved up, as expected, between $0.25 to$0.50kgMS for southern regions, and minimal increases in NSW and Queensland. The biggest change has been Bega’s harmonisation of Lion’s former pricing into a single system for all suppliers. One newcomer was Frestine in Victoria, with Milk2Market picking up their contracted supplies.