UK-Aus trade deal agreed

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Australia, News

Prime minister Scott Morrison and his British counterpart Boris Johnson has agreed on the broad terms of a trade deal between the UK and Australia. British farmers had raised concerns about the potential of zero-tariff and zero-quota trade with Australia, saying it could undercut them with cheap imports, affecting the viability of their business. However, Johnson said British farmers would be protected under the agreement; saying the UK will open up to Australia in a staggered way.

Morrison called the trade deal the most comprehensive and ambitious agreement Australia has concluded as it will liberalise imports with up to 99% of Australian goods entering the UK duty free once the deal comes into force. Tariffs on Australian beef, sheep meat, dairy and sugar will be slowly phased out over the next 15 years. Under the deal, the age limit for working holiday makers will rise from 30 to 35.