US April cheese output near flat

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Global, Volume trends

US cheese production rose 0.1% YOY in April according to the USDA, despite lower raw milk supplies. American cheese output fell 2.7% YOY for the month (with a 5% YOY fall for cheddar on a strong comparable) while “other cheese” (including mozzarella) lifted 2.3% YOY. Combined NFDM & SMP output fell 7.4% YOY in April, reflecting a contraction of 36.5% for SMP and a 1% rise for NFDM. Butter production was down 1% YOY in April and has generally tracked lower since mid-2021 in line with lower SMP/NFDM output.

Dry whey production rose 7% YOY for the month, following a similar expansion during March. April WPC production was down 8.1% YOY, reflecting a 20.1% YOY contraction in output of WPC 25-49.9 products. WPC 80-89.9 output also decreased 0.3% YOY in April. Lactose production rose 2.8% for the month following a fall in March. MPC production in April rose 13.8% YOY, while output of WPIs lifted 24.8% YOY after a 7.4% increase in March.