US cheddar output surges in Sept

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Global, Volume trends

Cheese production rose 1.1% YOY in September according to the USDA. American cheese output increased 4% YOY (with a 7.7% increase for cheddar on a weak prior year comparable) while “other cheese” (including mozzarella) dropped 0.8% YOY for the month.

Combined output of NFDM & SMP rose 11.4% YOY in September, reflecting a 23.3% YOY rise in SMP production. NFDM output also increased – up 5.5% YOY. Butter production continued to surge, 5.4% up YOY in September.

Dry whey production was down 17.3% YOY for the month, the second consecutive decline. September WPC production was down 2.3% YOY, reflecting a 14% YOY decline for WPC 25-49.9 while WPC 50-89.9 products rose for the third consecutive month – up 5.3% YOY. Production of lactose increased again in September – up 1.7% YOY. WPIs and MPCs production each rose for the third consecutive month in YOY terms – up 4.4% and 19.9% respectively.