US cheese, whey exports strong in July

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Global, Volume trends

Despite port congestion slowing SMP/NFDM shipments, the US exported 17.7% of its July milk production. In MSE terms, July dairy exports were up 7% YOY – the sixth consecutive monthly expansion, driven by stronger sales into China and Mexico and despite weaker shipments to SE Asia. July dairy export value rose 20% YOY to USUS$667.9m, reflecting a surge in higher value products such as cheese, WPC80 and fats in the mix. Cheese exports rose 26.8% YOY to 36,804t (a July record) – on a daily average basis, that was a 3-month high, reflecting stronger shipments to Mexico, Central and South America.

Whey product exports rose 17.8% YOY to 53,384t in July – dry whey and WPC80 were up by 17.1% YOY and 23.7% YOY respectively. China remains the dominant whey buyer, but other players are now also seeking US-origin product as prices have eased compared to early 2021. SMP/NFDM exports fell 3.1% YOY to 72,990t, despite a 14% YOY increase in sales to Mexico and increased shipments to China, offset by weaker sales into SE Asia.