US exports mixed in February

by | Apr 6, 2022 | Global, Volume trends

SMP/NFDM shipments were down 11.3% YOY to 63,644t in February. An 82% YOY increase in exports to China & HK and strong growth in sales to Japan and South Korea weren’t enough to offset a 12% drop in shipments to SE Asia for the month. Exports to Mexico were also down 5% YOY.

Cheese exports rose 9.2% YOY in February with sales to key markets Mexico increasing 5% YOY and Sth Korea up 4%. Sales to Japan and SE Asia were up strongly, by 29% and 59% respectively. Dry whey sales continued to weaken, falling 5% YOY for the month to 43,651t as sales to major market China & HK dropped 24%. That offset a 38% YOY increase in dry whey sales to SE Asia in February. Lactose exports rose 14.4% YOY with strong growth in sales to China & HK, Japan and the Middle East more than offsetting falling reduced shipments to SE Asia and Oceania.