US exports mixed in January

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Global, Volume trends

Total US cheese exports rose 17% YOY in January to 29,525t, a 12-month low, but in YOY terms shipments have increased in each month since July 2020. The strong January result was driven by increased shipments to Mexico and Australia, and despite weaker sales into South Korea and Chile. Among other major dairy products, exports of fats (butter and AMF) also increased in January, up by 25% YOY and 270% YOY respectively.

NFDM/SMP exports declined for the second consecutive month however, down 6% YOY to 59,406t, reflecting weaker sales into Mexico (due to freight delays), Vietnam and Peru and despite stronger shipments to the Philippines, Malaysia and China.

Dry whey exports were also down in January by 16% YOY at 35,594t, as shipments to China declined for the fourth month in a row. January lactose shipments were higher by 13% YOY, while casein lifted by 75% relative to the same month in 2020.