GDT books 2.3% price increase

by | Jan 17, 2024 | GDT, Global

GDT event #348 resulted in price increases across the commodity board with the exception of new kid on the block mozzarella.

WMP prices rose 1.9% to average US$3,353/t, with good involvement from Middle Eastern buyers. SMP prices rose 1% to US$2,638/t following price falls at the past two events. Chinese buyers took the highest tonnage since November, while weaker European sentiment weighed on EU contract prices.

Fats ruled again, with butter once again the standout, prices rose 7.1% to average US$5,906/t while AMF prices rose 4.4% to US$5,842/t, the 10th consecutive price rise. Cheddar edged higher with firming in later contracts prices rose 1.2% on average to US$4,217/t.