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Milk Value Portal Factsheet

Find out more about the Milk Value Portal in the Factsheet here.


Milk Value Portal Flipbook

Find out more about the Milk Value Portal in ADPF’s Flipbook by downloading it here.


Australian Dairy Plan

The Australian Dairy Plan is an industry led initiative to create a more profitable, confident and united industry.

It is supported by Australian Dairy Farmers, Australian Dairy Products Federation, Dairy Australia and Gardiner Dairy Foundation, with John Brumby AO serving as Independent Chair.

The Milk Value Portal is designed to deliver to Commitment 5 of the Australian Dairy Plan, which aims to “restore trust and transparency between farmers, processors and retailers to strengthen industry confidence”.

Commitment 5 of the Dairy Plan is a historic reset of how farmer and processors work together, designed to restore trust and transparency throughout the supply chain through providing farmers with tools that can help better understand FMP, market volatility, so as drive productivity and profitability. It reads:

Commitment 5: We will restore trust and transparency between farmers and processors to strengthen industry confidence

The three initiatives proposed within this commitment are:

1. Establish the Milk Value Portal to provide greater transparency on farm-gate milk price and the value of milk by region and key supply metrics

2. Develop Margin Scenario Calculators to improve farmer understanding of the costs of production of raw milk

3. Lay the groundwork for additional milk trading options.

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