Useful videos

How prices are determined?

This short video explains some of the factors which determines farmgate values in Australia.

The process varies across processors and milk buyers, providing an overview of the principles relevant across most major processors and brokers in Australia.


Why Does The World Market Matter?

This video explains Australian dairy’s exposure to world markets and why commodity markets impact Australian dairy values.



Introducing Milk Value Portal

In this video, president of ADPF Grant Crothers introduces the Milk Value Portal and explains how the website can help restore trust within the dairy industry.

Overview Animation (prepared by Dairy Australia)

This animation shows farmers how the Milk Value Portal can be used to calculate weighted average prices based on farm characteristics

ADPF presentation of Milk Value Portal

This video is from ABARES Outlook 2022 Conference where ADPF presented the Milk Value Portal in a deep dive into Australian milk pricing