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Latest Australian Update

USDA: Australia’s milk supply to rise 2% next year

A new USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) GAIN report projects Australia’s milk production to increase more than 2% in 2021 to 9.4mmt, continuing the recovery from 2020 trends boosted by good pastures conditions and drought-breaking rains. With higher local...

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Water allocations hit 100%

High-reliability water shares (HRWS) in Northern Victoria have hit 100% in the Goulburn and Loddon systems, up from 93%. The Resource Manager for northern Victoria’s recent update to the 2020/21 seasonal determinations also shows that the Murray system HRWS increased...

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Aus-China trade dispute worsens

The Australian-Chinese trade relationship continues to deteriorate, with Australian officials raising China’s steep barley tariffs at WTO Committee level. China has threatened to ban agricultural exports worth up to $6bn. When asked to elaborate on the proposed...

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Latest Global Update

EU cheese prices weaker

Spot quotes for key products are declining with mozzarella, Gouda and cheddar prices falling since the start of the month. Spot quotes for Gouda are down €150/t to a midpoint of €2,750/t, while Cheddar prices have softened to €3,125/t, down from €3,200/t at the start...

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EU September milk production rises

Based on an average 98% of reported milk, EU-28 deliveries rose 1.3% YOY in September. Only two countries – Austria and Greece have still not reported data on Eurostat. September milk output increased across all countries reporting data except Lithuania (-1% YOY)...

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US cheese prices crash

As expected with the gradual loosening of cheese supplies, propelled by increasingly smaller volumes sought for food aid programs, CME cheese markets continued to be highly volatile, this time dropping by record daily amounts. Blocks fell more than US$2,100/t over the...

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