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Milk Values

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Global Dairy Market

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Latest Australian Update

Farmers want in on climate change talks

President of the National Farmers Federation (NFF) Fiona Simson has claimed a seat at the table during climate policy negotiations on behalf of farmers, saying the world is run by those who show up. NFF wants to ensure farmers interests are front and centre in the...

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Bubs says China is improving

Shares in infant formula maker Bubs Australia shares jumped 17% last week to $0.42 per share as the latest quarterly report revealed high growth during the quarter due to a revamped business strategy. Bubs share prices were down 30% in 2021, but in the past month have...

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Farm profits jump in Victoria

According to the 2020/21 Dairy Farm Monitor Victorian dairy farmers had the most profitable financial year in more than a decade. The report analysed 80 farms, finding average earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) on farms rose to $422,000 in 2020/21 from $346,000...

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Latest Global Update

US domestic butter demand remains stellar

Between January and August, commercial American cheese disappearance rose 6.2% over the 2020 comparable. That compares to a 2.9% lift in commercial disappearance of other cheese varieties (including mozzarella) over the same 8-month period. In terms of stocks-to-use...

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EU August milk up 0.8%

EU-27 supplies rose 0.8% YOY in August, based on our analysis of data reported by Eurostat and AGEA. The overall YOY increase was driven by a 5.4% expansion in Ireland, while France was up 1.1%. Spain output rose 3.1%YOY, with Poland and Italy up 0.9% and 3.6%...

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GDT results up across the board

Once again, despite the tight fat and SMP supplies in the EU and another strong run-up by NZX milk powder futures quotes, the index for event 294 was just 2.2% higher. The major powders made small gains on average while fats were reflective of the limited options...

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