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Latest Australian Update

Beston Delays Milk Payments

Beston Global Food Company has asked its farmer suppliers to wait for full payment of their milk. In April, the processor withheld 15% of farmers farmgate milk price payments. Beston cites cashflow problems and difficult market conditions for the decision to delay...

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Dairy Australia Situation & Outlook

The latest Situation & Outlook from Dairy Australia (DA) shows farmers remain confident about the industry future with the majority still making an operating profit. DA expects milk production to finish 2% to 3% higher YOY in the 2023/24 season at 8.35bn litres....

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Seasonal Water Outlook Released

The Resource manager for northern Victorian water systems has updated the outlook for 2024/25 seasonal determinations. Reserves established in water storages during 2023/24 provided a strong foundation for carried over allocation and 2024/25. The opening determination...

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Latest Global Update

GDT price index up 3.3%

WMP prices rose 1.7% to average US$3,408/t at auction #356, with above average demand meeting increased volumes on offer from the previous event. Improved Chinese involvement helped the result, while SE Asian buyers kept volumes above the average to date in 2024. SMP...

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US Milk Down 0.4% in April

US milk production fell 0.4% YOY in April, the 10th consecutive monthly decline. Per cow yield increased 0.4% YOY on average, however cow numbers were down 0.8% YOY. At 9.34m head, the herd lost 74,000 milking cows over the past 12 months, and there 8,000 head less...

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Irish milk down 5.9% in March

Irish milk production was down 5.9% in March, according to an update from the Central Statistics Office. Irish milk continues to trend down, albeit at a slower rate than prior months. Fat content was 4.4% up from 4.35% in March 2023, while protein composition fell...

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