Dairy Code of Conduct

The Dairy Code of Conduct is an industry code regulating the conduct of farmers and milk processors in their dealings with one another.

The Code came into effect on 1 January 2020. The Code aims to improve the transparency of trading arrangements between dairy farmers and those buying milk.

Dairy Code of Conduct – Updated Guidance 2022

Dairy Code of Conduct  – Latest Processor Checklist 2022

Dairy Code of Conduct Legislation (2019)

Dairy Code of Conduct Explanatory Statement (2019)


ADPF Template of Dairy Code Compliant milk supply Agreement Terms

The ADPF Template is designed to provide dairy processors and farmers with the terms which are compliant with the Dairy Code of Conduct and to assist them with the negotiation of a Milk Supply Agreement (MSA). It includes everything required of a MSA under the Dairy Code of Conduct, but not further matters that may be relevant to either parties’ commercial relationships. It is not a whole contract and individual legal advice is still recommended.

Disclosure of Milk Supply Agreements

A key requirement of the Code is that all processors that intend to purchase milk during the next financial year publish standard forms of milk supply agreements on their website before 2 pm on 1 June.

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