Petition mounted to maintain NZ export ban

by | Mar 14, 2024 | Global, News


In response to the new government’s pledge to repeal a ban on live exports, a parliamentary petition started by former National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee chairperson Dr John Hellstrom has garnered more than 17,000 signatories since it was started on the 23rd of February. Hellstrom has worked as a vet, regulator and advisor to the livestock export industry and believes repealing the live export ban is a mistake. While conditions have improved over the years reducing the number of deaths, the former vet said there was still suffering onboard and on arrival.

National promised to create a “gold standard” with greater regulation to protect animal welfare and safety in restarting exports. However, Hellstrom called it a joke, saying a government imposed gold standard can’t prevent a typhoon, war or major mechanical breakdown.

The petition closes on 14 June after which it will go before a Select Committee.