2023/24 farmgate prices announced

by | Jun 7, 2023 | Australia, Prices

Farmgate milk prices for 2023/24 have been announced with most of them below the current season’s forecast prices, and with adjustments to initial offers still being made.

Mondelez came out with $8.73kgMS for exclusive supplier contracts, while the forecast milk price for non-exclusive supply is $7.93kgMS. Saputo is opening in the range of $8.90kgMS – $9.05kgMS. Saputo offers exclusive supply deals in the northern region, southwest Victoria, Gippsland, South Australia and Tasmania with exclusive suppliers paid an additional 15c kgMS above the non-exclusive minimum milk price offered in each region. Included in Saputo’s milk price offering for 2023/24 is a payment of 70c kgMS on any net growth in a farm’s milk solids to encourage milk growth. Fonterra Australia offered an opening price of $8.65kgMS before increasing to $9kgMS. Mondelez. Bega opened at $8.80kgMS before announcing the addition of a weighted average Australian fresh premium of $0.20kgMS for Victorian, Riverina NSW and south-east South Australian suppliers. ADFC is offering $9.05kgMS, while ACM ‘s 2023/24 opening forecast price is in the range of $8.69kgMS – $9.52kgMS.

Norco is offering $12.22kgMS for the new season for milk in its northern NSW and southeast Queensland collection region.