Australian Exports Continue to Grow

by | Apr 11, 2024 | Global, Volume trends

Australian exports were up 5% for the season to February in milk solid equivalent terms. The increase was led by increased shipments of cheese, milk powders, butter and dry whey.     

Exports were ahead in the month of February across most dairy products except milk & cream, fat-filled milk powder and mixtures and MPC. Cheese exports rose 21.5% YOY, mostly reflecting stronger sales to Japan and SE Asia. February SMP exports were 16,582t – a 24-month high — and up 85.8% YOY. WMP exports rose 89.9% YOY on relatively small volumes. Fat exports rose 80.3% YOY on a commercial butter equivalent basis in February – AMF was up 2.5% YOY and butter rose 147.6%.