Australian retailers lower prices

by | Aug 24, 2022 | Australia, Prices

Earlier this week, retailer Coles announced it is lowering prices and freezing prices of 1,168 grocery staples both in-store and online until 2023 to help Australian amidst their cost of living crisis. The products with lower or locked prices include meat, eggs, bread, pasta, canned food and baby products and is set to grow by more than 500 products in the coming weeks. Coles chief executive of commercial and express Leah Weckert said customers wanted to see price stability and lower prices on everyday products.

Coles lowered prices in response to an earlier announcement from competitor Woolworths, which is lowering prices of more than 400 items for the entirety of spring, including considerable discounts across staples such as bread, coffee and yogurt. Woolworths chief commercial officer Paul Harker said the retailer’s Prices Dropped program will help customers get better value in their shop.