EU-27 SMP exports weaker at the start of the year

by | Apr 21, 2021 | Global, Volume trends

SMP exports fell 5.3% YOY in February 2021 to 66,809t, which was a six-month high. This followed a 1.3% YOY decline in January. There were mixed trends across major destinations in February, with a 2.8% YOY increase in sales to SE Asia not enough to offset negative trends in Northern Africa (-34% YOY) and China & HK (-22% YOY).

Cheese exports fell 0.5% YOY in February to 100,578t, despite an 18% YOY decline in shipments to the UK post-Brexit with the largest growth in exports to China & HK and non-EU European markets. Butter exports fell 30% YOY in February to 15,482t, but shipments to China continued to increase, up 128% YOY. WMP exports rose 1.3% to 21,689t in February, driven by positive a 22% YOY increase in exports to Sub-Saharan Africa and an 80% YOY rise in sales to Central America.