EU milk down 0.9% YOY in January 

by | Mar 28, 2024 | Global, Volume trends

EU27 -milk production declined 0.9% YOY in January, based on complete Eurostat and AGEA data. This follows a 0.7% YOY fall in December. January production declined 2% YOY in Germany, France was 0.3% lower. Irish production continues to be affected by wet weather, with a 22.4% YOY decline in January. Milk output in Denmark and the Netherlands was down 2.2% and 3% respectively compared to January 2023. Poland was the only major producing country remaining in growth mode, output was up 2.8% YOY for the month.

Despite the decline in milk production for the month, milk solids were near flat, reflecting a growth for protein offsetting a decline in fat.

German milk supplies rebounded in week 11 (ending 16 March), up 0.5% YOY – the first increase since mid-October. UK production also recovered – up 0.5% YOY in the same week while France rose 0.7% YOY, marking the eighth consecutive weekly expansion.