Milk intake rose in December

by | Feb 8, 2024 | Australia, Volume trends

Milk output rose 2.2% YOY in December with production lifting across all states for the month on weak year-ago comparables. Production for the 6-month period was 2.1% ahead of the prior year period.

In Victoria, production was up 1.2% YOY for the month, with production up 6.6% YOY in the north compared to flood-affected comparables, Milk production was down 0.3% YOY in Gippsland and western Vic was 1.6% down YOY. Year-to-date Victoria’s production is 1.2% ahead of the year-ago comparative. In NSW, December output was up 8.8% YOY,  on weak prior year comparables, the season is now tracking 5.6% ahead of year-ago comparables and Tasmania’s output lifted 2.% YOY for the month, to be 4.4% ahead for the season.