Milk output rose in November

by | Jan 17, 2024 | Australia, Volume trends

Milk output rose 6.3% YOY in November against low comparables in Victoria, NSW and Queensland. November 2022 production was down 10% YOY nationally. Season to date output is tracking 2.1% ahead of the prior year, according to Dairy Australia data.

November production rose 6.6% YOY in Victoria, with season to date output tracking 1.2% ahead. Northern Victoria, which was badly affected by floods in 2022 was up 7.3% YOY in November, while Gippsland and Western Victoria were ahead 6.7% and 6.1%  respectively. NSW output lifted 8.8% YOY for the month and season-to-date production is 4.9% ahead of the prior year. In South Australia November output rose 2.5% YOY with season to date output 0.4% ahead of the prior year. In Tasmania, season to date output is 5.1% ahead of the comparable with November’s output up 7.1% YOY, as the state continues to enjoy excellent conditions.