Shrinking US milk supply cuts into powder output

by | Dec 8, 2021 | Global, Volume trends

The recent rapid slowing in the output of US milk production is translating into sharply power production of SMP and NFDM. October’s Dairy Products reported showed a 10.5% YOY fall in combined low-fat powder production, pulling output for the prior 3 months down more than 12%. Butter output is slowing, not as drastically, down just 1.6% in October, but that was the 4th month of contracting output.

The lower milk output even slowed cheddar production, which dipped 1.4% despite stronger milk output in the cheese rich states. Other-than-American product output grew 1.8%. In the whey complex, the stronger demand for WPC 80 and WPIs kept a strong pull on whey stream solids, with overall WPC output up 14% in the month. Dry whey output increased YOY for the first time in 2021.   


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